Sophie Holland
Dance Artist


Sophie Holland, Dance Artist

Trained at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, I am now a Freelance dance artist based between South-East London and Northamptonshire. I primarily work as a dancer for dance companies or choreographers but I am becoming increasingly interested in developing my own work alongside this. I am an open artist and aim to use my dance practise to experience as much as possible from as many different perspectives as I can! My practise tends towards the exploration of the human and the real. Generally, the subjects that I am inspired and interested by are related to people and human behaviour. I aim to make work that provokes emotion, empathy and conversation. I am interested in cross art projects and this has often led to an involvement in photography and videography based collaborations. I recently worked on a visual art piece for thosekids’ zine. My teaching work is a chance for me to share the findings from my own practise with others. Visit my Performance, Teaching and Making sections for more information!


Performance Collaboration

While completing my degree at Trinity Laban, I was luckily enough to work with Choreographers Lizzi Kew Ross and Dam Van Huynh on the creation of original works to be performed at the Laban Theatre. I also worked with Ali Curtis Jones on a recreation of Rudolf Laban’s Green Clowns for the BBC program Dance Rebels: A Story of Modern Dance, which aired in December 2015. We also performed the work at Behold in Brighton an event of Spoken Word, Dance and Music to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of European Concentration camps (June 2015).


I currently run weekly Contemporary dance and fitness classes at Blisworth Baptist Chapel, Northamptonshire. See below for more details:

Dance Fitness class: Monday evenings 6:05pm - 6:55pm

A fun fitness class set to great music to train cardio vascular fitness, strengthen and tone! Drawing on ideas from Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance classes and reframing them for people of all backgrounds and abilities. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

Try before you buy offer - your first class will be absolutely free!

After your first week classes are just £6 to be paid on the door.

Contemporary Dance Class - Monday evenings 7pm - 8pm

Mainly based in release technique, my Contemporary class explores rhythm and cultivates the joy of moving! I always aim to keep my class flexible and accessible to all and am happy to adapt material to suit different levels of experience.

Try before you buy offer - your first class will be absolutely free!

After your first week classes are just £6 to be paid on the door.

**If you are interested in taking both classes, you can do so for a reduced price of £10 for both.**

I also teach co-curricular dance clubs at Alleyn’s School in Dulwich for classes ranging from Yr 1 - Yr 10. I work with a wide range of dance styles in these clubs and just aim to provide a fun introduction to dance for children of all ages. Please contact me with any enquiries about my teaching availability.


Watch this space for news on my ongoing and upcoming work as a choreographer and maker!

February/March 2018: I have recently been working on a visual art piece for the C edition of thosekids’ Zine. This Zine is run by a group of very talented artists based in Nottingham and working on a submission was a great experience. My piece Contra. is an exploration of the presentation of self. I wanted to look at the choices we can make as individuals about how we present ourselves and how these choices can be utilised. I became especially interested in the possibility of using our physical selves as a statement of our characters and thoughts. Reclaiming our bodies and actions and rebranding them as a silent but constant protest against social norms or opinions that we oppose or disagree with - or to stand with those that we support. There are some pictures below from my process and final piece.

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